Foreverfamily works to ensure that, no matter what the circumstances, all children have the opportunity to be surrounded by the love of family. Our organization focuses on providing services to children with incarcerated parents and their families. Any donation helps, and you can also choose to volunteer your time which is often exactly what we need. We appreciate all contributions.

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Two boys and two girls, ages 6-13, who haven’t seen each other since 2013 need your help. They have not been in the same room since their mom went to prison two years ago. While extended family stepped in, none could raise all of them. Now, they live in four separate locations; three in metro Atlanta and one in Dallas, GA.

More than anything, these brothers and sisters want to see and hug each other. They want to be together and spend time reconnecting, having fun and sharing a meal.

Their family members, though doing their best, are struggling to make ends meet. Winter clothes and school supplies for the children would mean a lot as well.

It is my hope that you can help me help these brothers and sisters get together so that they can be reminded that come what may, they are Forever Family.

Thanks to Vett Vandiver of VKV Communications LLC for taking these photos!

Posted by Foreverfamily Inc. on Miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015